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SandwichPepperoni/Salami Sub with Garlic Mayo

Sub buns
2 packages of Sandwich Pepperoni
1 package of Genoa Salami
1 package of Hard Salami
1 small Garlic Beef Summer Sausage
Provolone Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Banana Pepper Rings
Mayo, I like Hellman's
Garlic Powder
Spicy musard

I like to use Fiorucci Riservia brand for the salami and pepperoni, you can find these at most grocery stores.

Mix together mayo and little garlic powder, to tatse.
Spread Garlic Mayo on one side of the bun, and spicy mustard on the other. Fold salami and pepperoni in half and layer on the bun. Slice up the Summer Sausage, and place a few pieces on top of the salami and pepperoni. Top with Swiss and Provolone cheese, lettuce and banana peppers, and serve with your favorite chips :)

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