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watermelon-sparklerWatermelon Sparkler Cocktail

1 bottle of your favorite Sparkling Wine/Champagne, I am a big fan of Bowers Harbor
2-3 cups of fresh Watermelon
2oz of Limonchello, 1/2oz for each glass
4 Champagne , or wine glasses

Cut watermelon into medium size chunks, and muddle the watermelon in a medium size bowl. Strain out any pieces of water melon and pour into a measuring cup, or something you can easily pour liquid from.

Pour about 1/2 to 1 oz of the watermelon juice into each champagne glass, pour 1/2oz of limonchello into each glass, and top off with Champagne :)

You can skip the limonchello if you wish, I like the lemon flavor it adds :) Cheers!

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