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Green-Juice3 green apples

1 bunch spinach

1 bunch kale

3 oranges. peeled

1 bunch cilantro

3 cucumbers

2 lemons

1 small head of romaine

This recipe makes a big pitcher full of juice for a few days. Add all ingredients to your juicer. Don’t have one? Cut the recipe in half (or use recipe below) and add to your nutria-bullet or vitamix/blender. If you prefer to make your juice daily, follow this recipe:

½ green apple

½ orange

Handful each of spinach, kale, cilantro and romaine

½ lemon

½ cucumber

I like to add a dash of cayenne pepper and tumeric. Both are totally optional, of course. Tumeric is very good for your health and part of the ginger family. If you prefer, you can use ginger! If you can find both fresh , add a small slice to juicing process. If not, I like to use the powdered version.

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