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Valentine's Day is often celebrated with expressions of love, gifts of chocolates, flowers, and cards known as "valentines." Make your Valentine's Day perfect with the most romantic Valentine's Day recipes including ideas for your dinner menu, desserts , and more!




Drinks Main Course

Berry Lemonade Martini

French Bread Pizza

Chocolate Dipped Boozy Berries

Pomegranate Champagne

Spicy Drunken Italian Pasta

White Chocolate Mousse

Pomegranate Martini

Vodka Marinara Chicken Pasta

Cherry Danish

Cherry Margarita

Garlic Salmon & Angel Hair Pasta

Triple Berry Tart

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini

Shrimp Scampi

Strawberry Pie

Ultimate Bloody Mary Lasagna Style Stuffed Shells

Cupid Crunch




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