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Garlic isn’t just for scaring vampires away. Unless, of course, they are from TruBlood, then they are welcome. I use garlic in a lot of my dishes but hate peeling them, and even worse, my hands smell like garlic for days. I am always on the hunt for new kitchen gadgets to make dinner go a little bit faster! Eventually I will need a storage closet for my kitchen accessories and dishes alone. #FoodieProblems

I came across Martha Stewart’s Garlic Zoom in Macy’s and thought I would give it a try. Best gadget purchase ever! For $10 it works just as well as the expensive Garlic Press. It has two openings, one at the top to place your peeled garlic cloves in, and the second to remove the minced garlic. It will only hold about 2 cloves at a time, but takes less than 10 seconds rolling it back and forth and VOILA! Now your garlic is ready.

Once the garlic is minced, I tap the zoom on the counter to knock all of the garlic to the bottom. Open the second compartment and remove the blade. Lay open faced and flat on your cutting board and tap the garlic out, or you can use a butter knife to scrape the remaining pieces. It is dishwasher safe, but I hand wash mine to make it last longer! Great product and saves me a lot of time mincing by hand.

How to peel your Garlic Cloves…

I used to peel by hand, but I realized really quickly that is NOT the best way. First, pick off your cloves from the bulb, and lay the flat side down on your cutting board with the curved side up. Then, one at a time, take your chef's knife blade pointing away, and lay knife flat on top of the garlic clove. The garlic should be closer to the knife handle than the center of the blade. With your free hand, using the palm of your hand or making a fist, smash the knife onto the garlic. It may take a couple tries, but the garlic should be easily remove from the skin.


The incredibly clever Martha Stewart has a much simpler way to do things. Big surprise! This method is extremely helpful when you need to use the entire head of garlic. Watch the video here: Martha Stewart Garlic Zoom

Thanks Martha!! I tried this yesterday, and it works like a charm!

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