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combo-picThe age old question, are olives a fruit or a vegetable? It doesn’t matter, because they are delicious! I have loved olives for as long as I can remember. Always stealing them off of my families salad when they aren’t looking when I was a kid, and putting the black olives on your thumbs or fingers (don’t judge, you know you have done it too!). I always ask for extra blue cheese stuffed olives in my dirty martini’s when we are out. I hoard the olive bowl at thanksgiving. You get the picture. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across Mario Olives in all of my favorite social media sites!

I have tried almost every olive on the planet and Mario is by far my favorite! The olives have the best flavor, are crisp, and just overall a great product. I recently discovered Mario Foods on Instagram, which prompted me to head to Facebook, and then their website. I was curious about their ‘Snack Olives’. Olives on the go? YES PLEASE!

Mario Foods have 7 different flavors of #SnackOlives. I snagged each of their flavors, and have been in olive heaven since. From Sevillian Spices, Savory Pepper, Garlic, Hint of Thyme, to Seasoned with Natural Sea Salt to name a few. They are pitted black, green, and kalamata olives, each with a unique twist. They are perfect size to slip in your purse when you are on the go and need a snack. I love the idea of packing them in your lunch, and they go perfectly on top of any salad whether at home or work. It was hard to pick a favorite since they were all so good, but the Green Snack Olives ‘with a hint of savory pepper’ has to be one of my top favorites. Their Kalamata olives go great on Caesar salads! I love spicy! It has the right amount of spice, although I wouldn’t be opposed to them adding more spices to all of the packs.

They have a catchy logo ‘Packed Loose Without the Juice’, but have just enough to keep the olives fresh and crisp. Each pack has 10 olives, low carb, zero cholesterol, Gluten Free, AND range from 50-60 calories per pack. Score!!!

Stay tuned for new recipes using their Jalapeno stuffed olives, Orange Peel stuffed olives, and more! Are you living the #OliveLife ?

To check out Mario Camacho Foods Website, click here.

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