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Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits and I have been waiting all year for them! They are usually in season from September-February and I stock up and peel about 6-8 at a time because they don’t last long in this house. I have finally figured out a better way to peel them, and it’s NOT peeling them like an orange….but of course it’s not because I have ever done THAT before…I like a challenge. You can stop laughing now, LOL

Using a pairing knife, make a shallow cut into the skin to cut off each end of the pomegranate. Make it shallow, or your counter will look like you massacred the poor fruit. Plus, you don’t want to waste those yummy juicy seeds inside!

Once you have cut off each end, you can see the pomegranates insides. Now you can see that they are naturally divided into sections.

Take your pairing knife and make a shallow cut from top to bottom, but not all of the way through at each section. You should end up with 5-6 sections depending on the size of your fruit.

Now you will be able to pull the sections apart by putting your thumbs into the top and pulling away.

Peel off the white membrane covering the seeds. Now you are free to gently knock off the seeds from the skin of the fruit using your fingers. This is the cleanest way I have found to peel them, I only got a tiny bit of juice from cutting off the ends.

Step by Step with Pictures! Have fun!



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