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zazios-italian-meringueYields: 16 oz.


    6 Egg Whites

    1 cup Granulated Sugar

    ½ cup Water



  • Mix the water and the sugar together in a sauce pot and bring to a boil.

  • While the sugar is coming up to a boil start to whip the egg whites in a mixer with a whisk

  • Bring the egg whites to a soft peak and leave it on slow mix to keep them moving

  • When the sugar mixture comes to a temperature of just below 250 degrees F pul it off of heat and slowly pour it down the side of the mixing bowl while the whites are slowly mixing.

  • After all of the sugar mixture is in the egg whites turn the mixer up to high speed until fully incorporated and the bowl is cool enough to touch.

  • Spread or pipe meringue onto a cake or desired sweet and toast with a torch.


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